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Installation Guidelines – Privacy Screen System

This overview provides you with a graphic and non-binding indication of installation practices commonly used by Longboard® customers in various applications. Additionally, in relation to the overview below, Longboard® strongly advises that the customer, project owner and architect to seek independent advice from a construction professional regarding the accordance to national and/or local building regulations of a chosen fixing system and/or wall assembly. This overview does not suggest, represent or indicate compliance with relevant building codes or certification. Not all certifications required for your project may be available through Longboard® /Mayne Coatings Corp. Additional certifications may have to be obtained by the customer.

Privacy Screen Drawings

D-075 Floating System
D-075 Floating SystemPrivacy Screen
D-074 Floating System Free Standing
D-074 Floating System Free StandingPrivacy Screen
D-073 End Frame System Corner
D-073 End Frame System CornerPrivacy Screen
D-072 End Frame System Extended
D-072 End Frame System ExtendedPrivacy Screen
D-071 End Frame System
D-071 End Frame SystemPrivacy Screen
042 Double Post Base
042 Double Post BasePrivacy Screen
041 Single Post Base
041 Single Post BasePrivacy Screen
040 Corner Base
040 Corner BasePrivacy Screen
039 Flat Bar Spacer
039 Flat Bar SpacerPrivacy Screen
038 Tube Caps Privacy Screen
038 Tube Caps Privacy ScreenPrivacy Screen
037 Post Cap
037 Post CapPrivacy Screen
036 Plastic Spacer
036 Plastic SpacerPrivacy Screen
035 Bracket
035 BracketPrivacy Screen
034 Double Post
034 Double PostPrivacy Screen
033 Single Post
033 Single PostPrivacy Screen
Tube 1X3 Privacy Screen
Tube 1X3 Privacy ScreenPrivacy Screen
Privacy Screen Tube 1X5
Privacy Screen Tube 1X5Privacy Screen