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Installation Guidelines – Siding & Soffit

This overview provides you with a graphic and non-binding indication of installation practices commonly used by Longboard® customers in various applications. Additionally, in relation to the overview below, Longboard® strongly advises that the customer, project owner and architect to seek independent advice from a construction professional regarding the accordance to national and/or local building regulations of a chosen fixing system and/or wall assembly. This overview does not suggest, represent or indicate compliance with relevant building codes or certification. Not all certifications required for your project may be available through Longboard® /Mayne Coatings Corp. Additional certifications may have to be obtained by the customer.

Siding & Soffit Drawings

Compression JointSiding Drawings
Outside CornerSiding Drawings
Inside CornerSiding Drawings
2.5 Vent Soffit with Finishing Cap and BaseSiding Drawings, ,
2.5 Vent Soffit with J-TrackSiding Drawings, ,
Soffit to Fascia TransitionSiding Drawings, ,
D-056 V Groove Panel Vertical Installation over Furring StripsSiding Drawings
D-055 V Groove Panel Vertical InstallSiding Drawings
D-054 Flat Cap and Base InstallSiding Drawings
D-053 Furring Strips InstallationSiding Drawings
D-052 Outside CornerSiding Drawings
D-051 6 inch V Groove Panel HorizontalSiding Drawings
016 U-Cap and BaseSiding Drawings
015 4 inch V Groove Siding and SoffitSiding Drawings
014 6 in Channel Siding and SoffitSiding Drawings
013 6 inch V Groove Siding and SoffitSiding Drawings
012 Finishing Base and CapSiding Drawings
011 Quick Screen ClipSiding Drawings
010 Flat Cap and BaseSiding Drawings
009 J TrackSiding Drawings
008 Inside and Outside CornerSiding Drawings
007 Wide Starter StripSiding Drawings
D-081 6in V-Groove Panel HorizontalSiding Drawings, ,
6 inch V Groove Siding Horizontal ApplicationSiding Drawings, ,