Project: Equinox, Vancouver, BC.
Product: Longboard®Ceiling System: 1.5” X 4” BEAM
Colour: Sand Drift 2533/05-752
Installer: Novacom

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Equinox is a 5-star fitness company with operations all over North America when they decided to open a flagship facility in Vancouver Canada the original plan was to leave the raw concrete ceiling and utilities infrastructure exposed. On a site visit near the end of the TI construction the equinox CEO determined leaving the ceiling exposed as planned would create a visual impact inconsistent with the equinox brand.

The contractor had work with us on previous projects and reached out to see if we could help. Two significant challenges immediate presented themselves.

First the clearance height was too tight to use our standard 6” linear ceiling profile and secondly all the millwork had already been completed so we would need to develop a finish option which would match the millwork. Simultaneously we began working with our European finish suppliers to create a custom solution and we designed a 4” version of our popular linear ceiling baffle which allowed the minimum clearance required. From initial call to product on site was less than 4 weeks which considering the process of designing then producing a custom extrusion die as well as a custom finish on top of normal lead times was nothing less than a herculean effort.