Military Base Bloc Dube located on the outskirts of Quebec City

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As everyone can relate, it’s the rare construction project that completes without issue.  And even when you’ve done your homework and addressed every problem in advance, things can still go sideways. At Longboard, we work with so many different projects in so many different locations and we’ve learned, through experience, that being prepared and having a team that delivers exceptional, dedicated, and personable client service is often the best solution to any issues that arise.

This is the Military Base Bloc Dube located on the outskirts of Quebec City. This development houses military personnel and their families when they are stationed in the area. It’s comprised of six buildings and approximately 180 units.

In early 2018 one of our Quebec dealers approached Pat Whitehead, our Director of Distribution, about this project. The military base had already been spec’d for a competitor’s aluminum siding.  But the client wanted their buildings’ finished with the highest-quality, most durable powder coating on the market.  What they didn’t realize is that only an AAMA 2605 certified facility can purchase and use this coating. Since Longboard holds this certification, we could access and use the high-quality finish requested for this project.

We take our certification very seriously at Longboard.  To stay certified our facility is monitored 8 months of every year which allows us to deliver what few others can in an increasingly competitive marketplace.  This certification secured us the contract, but quickly thereafter problems started to emerge.  You see, in the time between first approaching us and the ordering the product, prices for the materials and the powder coating had increased.  At the same time, Pat learned the wood grain finish requested by the client had been discontinued.

This is where the team’s dedication and perseverance really paid off.  Pat worked tirelessly negotiating on the client’s behalf to secure the original pricing.  She then worked around the clock trying to figure out how to secure a discontinued finish.  After much searching, Pat learned there was just enough film in stock to resurrect the discontinued finish and use it on this project.