Located in: 6551 No 3 Rd, Richmond, BC V6Y 2B6
Product: Longboard® 1 X 3 Privacy Screen System in Dark Fir

A highly popular west-coast restaurant chain with over 30 locations in and around Vancouver. When Jason first met with the client, they were using clear western cedar on a number of their restaurants.  But, they were running into an issue whereby cities began to enforce strict non-combustibility requirements on all their buildings.  They had to find a replacement for their wood cladding that still looked great and reflected their preference for a west coast aesthetic.

At first, we figured this would be an easy decision – wood was clearly no longer an option.  Our product could simulate the wood finish while meeting the non-combustible requirement of the local building code.

However, we quickly learned that the architectural firm had real concerns with the space created behind our floating beams and the wall substrate.  These restaurants exist in high-traffic areas and the architect worried that people would discard trash here and it could quickly become an eyesore.

Once again, Jason did his homework and offered to sit down with the client for a lengthy brainstorm session.   In the end,  we worked with the architects to determine that they could fill the space created by our supporting posts using rigid insulation and thin gauge metal in black.  Our system was easy to work around and the solution satisfied everyone involved.  Our product can now be seen on several of the Cactus Club locations in British Columbia.