We offer custom colour matching by using our Alluminate process. We combine the best colour powder in the industry, along with our proprietary pre-treatment process to give you a premium quality product you can trust.

The Custom Colour Process:

Minimum Order:

There is a minimum order of 1 000 square feet or 305 square metres.

Set-up Fee: 

There is a one-time fee per project for the colour matching. If you have more than one colour for the same project there is only one set-up fee. For example, if you have three colours you need to match for a building there will only be one set-up fee, not three. 

Process + lead times:

The colour matching process can take up to 4 weeks.

Need help selecting a colour?

We can match any RAL#, the following link may be helpful in selecting a colour. ralcolor.com

Custom Colour Request

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