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I want to tell you a story. It’s a story of two hard-working business people from British Columbia who literally “bet the farm” to make their dreams come true. On the way, they faced many struggles. In 2008 when the world markets collapsed, they lost their biggest client. Times were uncertain. Worried they may not have a future, they even called up new hires and asked them to reconsider their employment with the company.

But they persevered and through hard work, determination, exceptional customer service and a singular belief in the quality of their product they found success. They went on to capture the imagination of architects across North America with a product that could make homes and office buildings look like they were built from the most exotic species of woods.

And in a time of climate change concerns, their invention was both eco-friendly and locally produced. During production, a single tree was never cut down, the product could not catch on fire, required no maintenance and was entirely recyclable. This is the story of Mayne and the journey of Longboard®.

Manufacturing extruded aluminum for architectural products is both a science and an art. The technology has been advancing quickly and our state of the art facility and the professionals who run it guarantee our extrusions will be among the best in the business.

The single most significant factor for corrosion of extruded aluminum based architectural products is the pretreatment in advance of painting. In other words if the product is extremely well pretreated and then a cheap paint is used the effect will be fading and loss of initial gloss but extreme resistance to corrosion.

The vast majority of these products which find themselves in the residential market place are painted in “job shop” type facilities using either wet or powder paint. Typically these facilities paint products of both steel and aluminum substrates. A pretreatment system which will work on either substrate will not be able to deliver top performance in either case. At Mayne we only powder coat extruded aluminum and our pretreatment system is designed to achieve the highest standard in the world for effective pretreatment of extruded aluminum.

In order to help architects and industry professionals like yourself gain clarity on various quality levels available in the market place the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) was formed and specifications for a wide variety of products have been developed over time. These specifications are verified by a large range of ASTM testing protocols.

Back to the world of painted extruded aluminum. The industry has three levels of performance specifications, they are AAMA 2603, AAMA 2604 and AAMA 2605. Although there are many different tests for each category the critical ones related to corrosion and colour/gloss retention are essentially this;

AAMA 2603 is a 1 year south Florida exposure test and the test subject must not exceed “minimum” fading. (A very loose definition) this standard must also endure 1000 hrs of the test panel in an accelerated salt spray cabinet without seeing any corrosion. The cabinet is creating an atmosphere of 100 degrees f at 100% humidity and 5% salt solution. Additionally the test panel is scratched to the bare aluminum. To pass there must not be any creeping corrosion in excess of 1 mm from the scratch area and no other blisters arising elsewhere on the panel.

AAMA 2604 moves to a 5 year physical exposure test for fade and gloss loss and in this case there is a specific standard of not more than 5 delta E colour units of shift. The accelerated salt exposure test moves to 3000 hrs.

AAMA 2605 in this case the south Florida test period of natural exposure is 10 years with the same 5 delta E colour shift and gloss loss standard. The accelerated salt exposure moves to 4000 hrs.

Fire Safety and Wind Loading are major building code issues. Longboard products are non-combustible and when installed according to manufacturer’s guidelines can withstand many High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ).

Request testing documentation at info@longboardproducts.com 

In LEED v4 the use of aluminum extrusions can help buildings earn LEED points in the following categories:

MR: Building Product Disclosure and Optimization: Environmental Product Declaration Multi-Attribute Optimization (1 Point)

Life Cycle Assessment Report The Aluminum Association

InterNACHI’s Estimated Life Expectancy Chart

Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ)

• Low-emitting materials (EQ)

Mayne Coatings Corp., “Aluminum Powder Coatings VOC Free Certification Letter”

Innovation (IN)

• Innovation

Energy and Atmosphere (EA) – SimpL-Clip System

• Minimum Energy Performance

• Optimized Energy Performance

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Every Custom Colour has the maximized durability and performance of  all Longboard® finishes

VOC Free

Chrome Free

Phosphate free


AAMA 2604/2605

15-20 yr Warranty

At Mayne Inc where we produce the Longboard® products we are a AAMA 2605 certified application premise. This means that all product we powder coat whether it be Longboard products or aluminum for other architectural manufacturers receives pretreatment which will consistently achieve the highest performance standards the industry has developed.


Our in-house technical team provides support when you need it, from shop-drawings to basic installation guidelines we’re here to help.