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Since 2005 Mayne Coatings Corp. has been providing high performance powder coating services to a variety of clients working on high-end buildings. Longboard® was developed in 2009 – the perfect architectural cladding solution for achieving all of the richness and beauty of wood without the maintenance. The Longboard® product line has grown to include a thermally broken back-framing system, privacy screen systems and a new ceiling system for interior designs.

Working at Longboard

Longboard is a rapidly growing company with big plans on the horizon. With rapid company growth there are great opportunity for employee growth as well. We believe there should be no barriers for what a dedicated employee can achieve within our company. Longboard comes from humble beginnings and we know we succeed because we are a dedicated, and motivated team.

The management team at Longboard believes in setting their employees up for success. This means being available for support, ensuring the safety and happiness of every person, and maintaining a positive work environment.

Longboard values our team members hard word and believe in giving back to every employee. This is why we believe in paying fair wages and the ability for every employee to participate in our profit sharing bonus program once past their probation period.

Are you ready to join a growing energetic team?

Working for a company like Mayne Coatings Corp. / Longboard Products, is inspiring!
This is a growing company and after being here for 6+ years, it is very exciting to be a part of the growth. We all take great pride in our part and look forward to our day to day contribution to assist moving this company to the next level.
I have been given the opportunity to work both in the office environment and now just recently, on the “outside” sales team as the Dealer Relations Rep and this gives me great pride to be able to represent the company “face to face” with our growing dealer network across North America”
Pat Whitehead, Dealer Relations Representative
At Longboard/Mayne Coatings, I feel I am an integral part of a team, where each voice is equal to the next. Coming from the trades of construction, I am used to the structure of a 9-5 day where creativity is welcomed within the parameters of a set of drawings. At Longboard/Mayne Coatings, I am able to work in an environment set by my own disciplines, allowing the creativity to be harvested organically. I also enjoy the easy access to other team members, which allows changes to policy & procedure to be done easily and effectively when needed. It is overall, a great team feel here.
Jason Haveruk, Manufacturer's Representative
Mayne Coatings is different from most companies in that every employee is driven to help the company succeed. Management works with employees and listens to employees which encourages a great team effort.  It is very exciting to come in every day and work with a team that is growing and changing in leaps and bounds.
Leanne Rouleau, Accounting Administrator
I like working here because of the good atmosphere, friendly people and it is fun to see the growth within the company.
Michelle Funk, Customer Service Specialist
It’s a great team atmosphere where I’m able to maintain a work/life balance. I get to work with architects across Canada and the US on some really interesting projects, it’s great to see our products on everything from high-rises to school buildings and to know that I was a part of that.
Sherri Balint, Architectural Representative
I thoroughly enjoy working at Mayne Coatings. After having worked at various companies over the years I have found that Mayne Coatings is a great place to work because the owners take a special interest in their employees and their development. They also provide staff that are engaged in their work, a means to have a vested interest in the company. Another ideal about working at Mayne is the forward looking attitude that is focused on the health and growth of the company and staff.  Mike is not content to just stand still and expects the same of his employees.
Norm Rempel, Director of Administration
Talking with owners Mike and Karen Heppell, I could feel the family business atmosphere and values that they represented. The desire to build a company that not only gives opportunity and fulfilment for its employees, but also, at the same time, allows for meaningful contribution to programs serving the less fortunate both here and abroad.

The opportunity and challenge….. taking a conceptual idea like “extruded aluminum siding that looks like wood” and seeing if we could find a fit in the marketplace. So new at that time, back in 2010, that even the name had yet to be decided.

Fast forward to present, “Longboard” as it is now called, has allowed for the addition of many “inspired” people over the past years. We hold dear to Mike and Karen’s core values of a family run business that offers opportunity and enjoyment, while fulfilling the greater need to give back.

Fast growing, fast paced, team/family orientated. Great fun for the right person.

Curt Stayner, Director of Distribution & Business Development
Working for a high performance company has allowed me to be a part of a great team and influence my own career development. I have been encouraged to develop the skills and access the support I need to take on a number of challenging roles and projects. All levels of leadership are accessible and the talented and supportive colleagues that surround me are an inspiration. Mayne also has working practices that afford me a work/life balance so that I can continue to develop my career whilst having the time to enjoy my young family.
Christi Dunkley, Marketing Director
After working in the manufacturing sector for over 28 years I have witnessed a wide variety of leadership styles ranging from very aggressive to very passive. At Mayne Coatings the leadership from the ownership down is one that encourages collaboration from the entire team to solve problems that make the most sense for our customers and Mayne Coating employees. The culture at Mayne is a unique blend of high expectations with ongoing leadership support to help create a positive work environment for all staff.
There are no secrets here at Mayne Coatings…just common goals!
Mark Blackett, Production Manager

What our clients are saying.

“The product looks like real wood slats. The selection of widths and application for both color and grain choices was very good, and the design for all the major soffits on the project called for ‘wood-like’ slats that are reminiscent of cedar or fir soffits. The finished aluminum products achieve this without having to worry about regular maintenance that is associated with real wood.”
Mike Alivojvodic, Architect AIBC, MRAIC, and Principal, Chris Dikeakos Architects, Inc.
“The siding product had easier installation, less weight loading added to the existing structure, and proven examples in several multi-weather areas,”
Jennifer Eng, FRCH Design Worldwide
“The house and siding look great throughout all seasons, and the client doesn’t worry about staining or painting. We use it vertically and horizontally on walls, and frequently for soffits, I’ve even used it as a ceiling in a client’s natatorium.”
Steven Morris Cross, STEVEN MORRIS CROSS
“You can’t use wood soffit on a non-combustible building, there’s no shrinkage, staining, etc. and it is almost impossible to distinguish between either product given the nature of the hidden fastening system. The owner is very impressed by the warmth and uncanny resemblance to real wood finish.”
John Paul II Pastoral Centre, Campus of Care – Vancouver
John Clark, Principal, John Clark Architect INC