Project Description

Feed the Future Program

This year the family at Mayne Inc. is exploring ways to get involved in our local communities and help support our very valuable and vulnerable youth in meaningful ways. Starting in March we’ve been volunteering in two very important programs for children and teens in the Langley area. In addition to this Mayne has donated $25,000 to the Adopt a School program, the funds are to be dispersed where the need is greatest.

Currently members of our staff our volunteering their time to the following school programs:

  • Douglas Park Elementary Breakfast program Friday mornings
  • H.D. Stafford Langley Middle School Lunch Program Monday afternoons

Douglas Park Elementary

A volunteer with the food program shared her story. “It was my son’s kindergarten class. There was a girl who didn’t like the pizza she’d been given and she tossed it in the garbage. There was a little boy who waited until he thought no one was looking and he reached into the garbage and grabbed the pizza out and ate it. People should know there are children in schools quietly going hungry.” excerpt taken from 

H.D. Stafford Middle School
Demographics in Langley have been shifting. Vancouver’s sky-high rental rates are driving people to the more-affordable suburbs, where there are an increasing number of single mothers, families in basement suites, and refugees. Many of the kids attending H.D. Stafford are living in unstable homes and sometimes have to flee their home and “coach surf” for their own safety. No one wants to be labelled “homeless” so they do their best to hide their challenges. An estimated 3,000 students show up hungry every day in Langley, sometimes the only meal a student will have in a day is what’s provided by meal programs at the school.