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Langley Power Centre

Project location: 20150 Langley Bypass #60, Langley, BC V3A 9J7
Dark Cherry 4 in V Groove
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This addition to the Langley Power Centre is right on the corner of 200th St and the Bypass with hundreds of people passing by hourly. The design called for a wood look to help show off the higher end tenants that would doing business there.
One aspect of west coast living is that it’s a “rainforest” so there is contact moisture in the air. Wood has a tendency to absorb that moisture and rot over time. Longboard® ® doesn’t absorb water and therefore never looks waterlogged no matter what the weather conditions.
Property owners are responsible for the regular maintenance of their sites, with Longboard® ® they don’t have to inconvenience tenants or shoppers with the regular maintenance cycles wood requires.

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