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Project Description

Sherwood Elementary
Architects: SAPP Design

Installer: Stiles Roofing
Project Address: 2524 S. Golden Ave, Springfield, MO 65807
Product: Longboard® in Light Cherry, 6 inch V Groove
The school features many spaces for collaboration and areas that promote an active learning environment.
This will be the first school in the state of Missouri that has a dedicated Boys and Girls Club as part of the school building. Kids using the 5500 S.F. BGC will also have access to the gym, art room, music room, and other facilities within the scho
The most cutting edge feature of this project is that it is Net Zero capable.  A Net Zero building is one that uses very little energy and is powered completely by solar panels and or wind turbines.  This project will not initially include solar nor wind power, but will be a very low energy consumer, so the future addition of solar and wind power will make it Net Zero and completely off the utility grid.

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