Wood Grain Patterns: What You Need To Know

Longboard® Cherry and Walnut Wood Grain Properties

Most people select wood grains based on color, however the type of grain you’re selecting can also have an impact on the overall design. Therefore, it’s important to know how the wood grain you’re choosing will look throughout the length of the board. Each wood grain species (real wood and Longboard®) has distinct patterns and changes in the grains. We’ll go through our top sellers below to help give you an idea of what to expect from the wood grain you’ve selected.

Properties of the Longboard® Cherry Wood Grains:

Crown Cut (Cathedral Figure): 
A veneer cutting technique that is either identical to flat cutting or is a very slight variation of flat cutting which reveals a cathedral grain figure (U- or V-shaped arches in the wood grain).

Light Cherry Section

Flat Cut:
A type of look you can get with Crown Cuts that results in a plank that has relatively widely spaced grain lines running down the center and relatively closely spaced grain lines running along the edges.

Light Cherry Section

Loose Grain or Coarse Grain:
Wood with wide conspicuous annual rings.

Longboard® Cherry Wood Grain Color Options:

Light Cherry 

Dark Cherry 

Western Cedar

Longboard® Walnut Wood Grains:

Properties of the Longboard® Walnut Wood Grains:

Graft Line: Some woods, notably walnut are often grafted.  When woods are grafted, the resulting “graft line” can be quite striking visually.

Loose Grain or Coarse Grain:
Wood with wide conspicuous annual rings.

Table Walnut Section

“Fiddleback” figure is a form of curly figure where the curls are very tight and fairly uniform, generally running perpendicular to the grain and across the entire width of a board.

Dark National Walnut Section

Diffuse Pores:
Fine grain with diffuse pores.

Dark Walnut Section

Longboard® Walnut Wood Grain Color Options:

Dark National Walnut (1806/02-733)

Light National Walnut (1806/02-716)

Table Walnut (1804/05-733)

Dark Walnut (1802/02-733)